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mike won't see this

The Child
The Child. You see everything in shades of colour
and wonder. Your innocence is your shield, your
naivety is occasionally a curse but it is more
of a blessing.

What is the Dominant Inner being within You?
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HE thinks i'm too much of a child already!
we went driving in the cemetary, & he gave good directions, but in a condescending tone of voice that made me want to smack him. then he's like: well, i'm not going to drive with you anymore, you drive yourself! so i did, scraping the tires on the wall twice, & riding up on the curb, & getting lost. i DID back up to execute a close turn around the corner,& drove past ppl & vehicles w/out hitting them so i did learn something new! nice things: turtles & a family of ducks in the lake, & a deer & fawn running across the road. (no, i did NOT hit them)

i'm going to make bracelets. now.
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