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i don't feel like going to school, today.

the tetsusaiga basically transforms
from a katana to a falchion
effectively changing the damage from 1-10 to 2-8
& increasing it's threat range from 18-20
if you have any idea what that means,
then you have a problem.

ps:i'm going to face the wrath, today. i don't like my teacher, & have not been studying.(math)
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poor mommy!
poor mommy....HA! i had a great day at home! so relaaaaxing.
(but i have to go to school on friday :(. )
that looks like a boob :s
what does?! :O
that face thing you made in the other entry majig....
..- :( :> :D *snickers*
:|........ right mommy....i think you smily faces!!!!!!!!! -=runs and hides in muh little corner=-
heh, heh, heh.......*evil grin*
o.o'........muh birfdays on the 23rd!!! w00t!
whachoo want fer yer birthday?
LMAO!!!! i guess i've been watching too much anime
i love adult swim on cartoon network. the tetsusaiga is inuyasha's sword.
i don't like my teacher at school, & i need to study math. i'm just bumming. how are you doing???
w00t. 18 more days till muh birfday mommy!!
what do YOU want for yer birtday? hmmm?
i dunno :s
i to make meh jewlery!! :D yeah...thats it!