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oh, no....

i have no pictures....i have to download pictures all over again...all of the things i've collected, all gone!
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but you still have your friends! ;o)
yes i do!!! *hugs*
i'm going to try iconaddicts & start collecting stuff again.
oh, & guess what i got addicted to? THE SIMS! my friend tweekie has the game. our job was to get her sim out of depression because he wants a girlfriend. my sim fell in love right away, & she's trying to take his g-friend away. it's too cool!
LMAO! have you tried Sims online? That's really addictive at first. I played for over a year, then dropped it, because I got bored with it.

You and I need to talk about Delaney, that girl needs you more than you know.
*SIGH* i know.
delaney & i have been in a debate about mike, & this puts me in a horrible predicament.
especially since mom wants her to move back in with me soon.
can you e-mail me? when you get time? i know she's talked to you, & she's been upset.(about the mike thing)
the sims online rules! but the only time i get to play is when i see tweekie. i want my own game.
I just got this... I'll try to email you soon!!

***hugs*** i'm looking forward to it!
Lisa is SO right.

You still got your friends!

And you daughter..I mish you mommy! :( -=cries=-

faye valentine.
moonie, don't cry, you'll make me cry!
when can i see you?
Dunno.. :'(
*HUGS* plusjke!
*feels warm & fuzzy*
i ish mished you Joy!
i gotz muh tonsels takin out...-=ish in so much pain, tear=-
i ish lub you mommy
-=kisses and hugs=-
love Teferz
oh, no!!! i hope you feel better, sweetie!:(
i miss you,too *mwah*
I will!! :D
your korn icon looks like zombies, lol!
i know
very cool.