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i love the abarat

after a week of popups, the computer freezing, & taking 30 min (really!) of just getting logged on, i dumped juno & got aol. more popups, no more frozen computer. now since i dropped my keyboard, the keys stick. this blows.
the election is coming up next week, i think. i pick on mike because he wants to vote for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! it would be strange if he did win, & he's ahead! i mean, i've seen most of his movies, how bizarre.
this has been a hard week. i hope that the weekend will be a lot better.arrgh, these damn keys sticking! if i drop the keyboard again, would the keys unstick?????????
i have a lot more to write, but this key-sticking thng is pissing me off.
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maybe get the buttons off of the keyboard and clean them one by one. That might help.
And than again, new keyboards aren't that expensive anymore. We bought a very nice one from Logitech for 23euro. (you can compare that with the $.
lol! thanks for reminding me. my husband cleaned my keyboard before. he took the keyboard apart, & put it in the tub, & when it dried, put it back together again. he loves doing detaled things like that.
put it in the tub?????????????????
Did it survive that?? We clean it very careful.
it survived.
i want him to clean the keyboard today, but he's been so lazy at home lately. :(